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Privacy & policy

  • Download and license key emailed within 1 to 2 business days. 

  • QuickBooks reinstall CD ordered separately. Click here.

  • Alnada as an value added reseller does not control product specifications which may changed by intuit without prior notice.

  • Intuit may change products prices for future purchase and payments without prior notice.

  • Arabic language supported for input data. Interface language can be changed through the browser only.


  • 1-Payment should be made in advance to delivery.
    2-60-days money back guarantee for Desktop
    Software price & 30-days for QuickBooks Online. (Less
    Visa/Bank fees)
    3-Pro-rated refund for all other services. (Less
    Processing fee).

    • Credit Card Online:
    You can use this secure link to pay:

    • Paypal:
    You can pay using paypal to the following email address:

    • Bank deposit/wire transfer:
    شركة الندى للتدريب و المحاسبة
    Arab Bank Jordan
    JOD Currency
    Acc No.: 0118-297957-500
    IBAN: JO51 ARAB 1180 0000 0011 8297 9575 00

    1. Support inquiry will be handled depending on support plan
    2. Customer's I.T. technician is required when setting up multi-user network access.
    3. Customer is responsible for his own network
    Security and data safety.
    4. Intuit may change products specifications and
    Prices without prior notice.
    5. Please check system requirement

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